Have you considered the benefits of having an on-site osteopathy service?

Did you know that 6.6 million working days (http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/causdis/msd.pdf) were lost due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in 2017/18? This means that a high proportion your employees may suffer from muscular issues preventing them from leading active lives and from them being absent due to these issues. Langdon Osteopathy could come to your office to treat your staff. There are numerous benefits to having an on-site service from staff well-being to savings on time & money lost due to staff leaving the premises for treatment or staff absences.

Please read the testimonials below to see the views of a London based media-company on the benefits of having Langdon Osteopathy visit their office:

“At Ink we value performance and well-being higher than anything else. Having a sales floor that works across all the world`s markets in a high pace and high stress environment we want to make sure that our people are in the most prime mental and physical shape at all times. Coming from a professional sporting background myself, I know first-hand the benefit of having a body that feels ready to take on the world. So that’s why we brought in David, who spent one day a week with us, treating 10 people each week. Everything from minor aches from not sitting a desk properly to more serious ailments (like when a coworker ran 2 marathons back to back!) David was very attentive and professional. He was great at talking through the issue and finding a more long-term approach. He gave tips on how to better your posture at your desk or which stretches and exercises were best for the aches that you had. 

Having David in weekly saw a great improvement in the activity levels on the floor as well as the overall mood. Following a session with him our salespeople would often close a deal and attribute it to the better state of mind they were in by being more relaxed. We are very sad to see him go and cannot recommend him enough.

-Steve Rowbotham CCO Ink Global

I personally wanted to improve my health, get grounded and let go of stress and wanted to bring in someone that would have a positive effect on the business.  Having David in the office weekly made such a difference in the overall energy and wellbeing within the sales floor. He would treat up to 10 of our sales people in a day and the effect that had on their happiness and performance was astounding and immediate. He is amazing at what he does, and his professionalism and friendliness made everyone he worked with comfortable.

-Simon Leslie, CEO Ink Global

I currently play football twice a week and also go running twice a week with a 24/7 job role. This started to weigh down on my legs (quads, calves, groin). Before I started working with David, I, I arrived with daily pain at work. This resulted in a slight limp here and there due to the issues I encountered. Within the first 3 sessions that David worked with me, my aching parts and lack of mobility changed almost instantly. I cannot recommend him high enough. The energy levels have increased both in and out of work. I can put this down to the hard work that David put in and how meticulous he is when on the job. Thank you David – I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue playing football as much as I do, as well as still having the energy at work (if not more now) to do what needs to be done.

Miracle worker!

Robin Phillips Ink Global

Ink is the largest travel media company in the world. Desk/office based teams are tasked with connecting multiple markets around the globe and so we require our team members to both work from desks but also remain healthy and physically energetic throughout the working day.

We noticed that there were a few aches and pains from this and so we invested into providing our teams with a weekly sports therapy clinic to help prevent injuries or stresses and strains for our people.

Langdon Osteopathy assigned a full working day once a week where they came in and provided treatments to 8-10 team members. 

The service was professional, friendly, but also incredibly specialist and effective in alleviating and preventing the strains any team members felt or might have felt.

The impact this had on the business was a more positive, productive and successful workplace and we definitely saw more positive results and appreciation from the teams. 

David and his team were definitely a contributing factor to this and I could not recommend Langdon Osteopathy enough to businesses out there seeking an edge for their business’ growth and culture.  

Courtney Maggs-Jones

Publisher, Atlas Magazine for Etihad Airways

The service is available in Penarth, Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan.

Please contact us for more information & to discuss the various ways the service could help you and your teams and be funded.